A car crashed into a barricade near the Israeli embassy in Tokyo, leading to the immediate arrest of a man in his 50s. According to reports, the individual apprehended is affiliated with a right-wing group.

Fuji TV reported that the collision resulted in one police officer being injured during the event.

As of now, an official statement from the Israeli embassy is pending, as an official spokesperson was not immediately available to comment when reached out to by Reuters. Similarly, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, when contacted, mentioned their inability to provide comments at this moment.

Footage from NHK, Japan’s public broadcaster, revealed the aftermath of the incident. The footage depicted a black compact car with noticeable damage to its front headlights and panel, suggesting a forceful impact with the barrier on the side of the street. The road adjacent to the embassy was scattered with cracked parts that had broken off from the vehicle. Interestingly, the car’s number plate indicated its origin from Tama, located in western Tokyo.

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The reasons behind the crash and the motivations of the individual involved remain unknown at this time. Authorities are likely to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident, considering the heightened security concerns surrounding diplomatic missions.