Prime Minister Narendra Modi Thursday
congratulated the people of five states – Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur, Punjab and Goa  – where Assembly Election 2022 results
have been announced, for participating in this festival of democracy and
ensuring BJP this victory. PM Modi was delivering a speech at the BJP
headquarters in Delhi after the party yielded overwhelming results in four

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Here are the top quotes from PM Narendra Modi’s speech:

*We had said before that Holi will start
from March 10 (counting day)

* We were successful in winning people’s

*I thank all voters for participating in
this festival of democracy and ensuring BJP this victory

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*A hilly state adjoining the border, a
seaside state, a state with the special blessings of Maa Ganga and a state on
the northeastern border, the BJP has got blessings from all four directions.

*The challenges of these states are
different, the path of development of all is different, but what is tying
everyone in one thread is faith in BJP, BJP’s policy, BJP’s intention and
immense faith in BJP’s decisions

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*BJP’s vote share has increased despite
being in government in three states UP, Goa and Manipur. In Goa, all the exit
polls turned out to be wrong and the people there have given a chance to serve
for the third time

* UP has given this country a lot of Prime
Ministers, but this is the first time that a Chief Minister has been reelected
by the state. After 37 years in UP, a government has come for the second time
in a row.

*BJP has scripted a new history in
Uttarakhand – for the first time a party has come for a second consecutive term
in the state

*I will also give special praise to the BJP
workers of Punjab today. The way he has raised the party’s flag in adverse
circumstances, he will develop the BJP’s strength in Punjab and the country’s
strength as an important place in the coming times.

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*The results strongly vindicate BJP’s
pro-poor and pro-active governance. Earlier, the people could not reach
government for basic amenities such as electricity, gas and water. Our
government will reach every poor

*A lot of schemes, announcements were made
in the name of the poor, but to make sure that the poor gets his rights good
governance and delivery are of great importance to him. BJP understands this

*The women have played a crucial role in
these elections across states. They have blessed us – we’ve won splendidly in
areas where women voters have dominated. Our Nari Shakti have been our partners
in this victory

*Some people defame UP by saying that in
the elections here only caste runs. See the results of 2014, see the results of
2017, 2019 and now again in 2022 also, every time the people of UP have chosen
the politics of development

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*I would also say today that after the 2019
election results, some political experts had said that the 2017 results decided
the 2019 results. I believe this time also he will say that the results of 2022
have decided the results of 2024

*The ongoing war (between Russia and
Ukraine) is affecting every country across the world. India is on peace’s side
and hopes that all problems are resolved with deliberations.

*India has a connection with countries
involved in the war – economically, security-wise, education-wise and
politically as well. India’s several needs are connected to these countries.

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*India’s citizen is working for the country
in every way possible, coupled with responsibility. However, there are some
people who are lowering the standards of politics in our country.

*UP has understood that development is to
be given importance

*UP’s love, blessings have made me