Yoga guru Ramdev got caught up in a heated row with the Indian Medical Association (IMA) after he declared allopathy as “stupid and diwaliya”. The IMA condemned his statements and further threatened to file a complaint under the Epidemic Diseases Act.

According to IMA’s press release, Ramdev, in a clip, said, “Lakho logo ki maut Allopathy ki dawai khane se hui hai (Lakhs of people have died after consuming allopathic medicines).” The IMA accused the Patanjali co-owner of “creating a false sense of fear within the public” to market his “illegal and unapproved drugs.” 

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Patanjali hit back at IMA saying that the yoga guru had said nothing against modern science.

In the clip, Ramdev declared the Allopathy field of medicine “stupid and diwaliya”, while he earlier accused modern doctors of being “murderers”.

While talking about the oxygen shortage in May, Ramdev had ridiculed COVID-19 patients by saying that they  “just don’t know how to breathe properly” and are “spreading negativity” by moaning about a lack of oxygen.