The International Day of Forests is observed on March 21 every year across the world. The day is celebrated to spread awareness about the significance of forests. The day is a reminder for all about the value of forests in lives, how they play a major role in providing food, water, shelter and help in uncountable ways.

There’s no limit on how much humans take from nature without giving back and this day holds an important place to keep everyone in check that forests are one of the most essential parts of our living. 

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History behind the day:

The International Day of Forests came into existence as an annual event in 2012, though the concept of World Forestry Day was coined in 1971. The day actually got its start from a casual conversation between two scientists in Oxford, England.

They were speaking on how people are not understanding the significance of forests in mitigating carbon emissions. Their conversation reached to one of world’s biggest organisations, United Nations, and it took the course of a global event that is celebrated every year on March 21.

Significance of the day: 

Sustainable management of nature along with fair use of its resources is an important way to fight with climate change. Although, plants provide us all that we need, economic, social, ecological and health related benefits.

Still, forests are being cut in an alarming rate in the name of urbanisation. Therefore, it becomes essential for everyone to act responsibly and spread awareness about the importance of forests on International Day of Forests 2021.

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Theme for this year:

The theme for 2021 is “Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being.” Sustainable management and restoration of forests can help in addressing the problems of climate change and biodiversity. Forests also have the potential to produce goods and services for sustainable development, providing economic activity that creates jobs and changes people’s lives for better.

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On the day, countries around the world undertake local, national and international efforts to conduct activities for forests and nature, such as tree-planting initiatives.