India has witnessed huge rise in COVID numbers in the past few weeks and the present situation makes it more important for everyone to gear up their protection against the virus. Studies reveal that double-masking can potentially help to protect people from COVID-19 virus. 

A study by the University of North Carolina suggests that double-masking can prove to be a great way to protect against the virus as it nearly doubles the effectiveness of not letting the fine COVID particles enter through mouth or nose. 

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The extra layers of mask can help in getting rid of any loose or poor-fitting areas of a mask through which the virus might easily get into the mouth or nose of a person. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical advisor to the US President Joe Biden also said that double-masking as a move is common sense and increases the protection against COVID-19.

While India’s premier medical institute AIIMS’ chief Randeep Guleria in a statement to NDTV said that double-masking is not required if one is wearing an N95 mask. He added that if a mask was worn properly that seals your mouth and nose completely, another mask is not required in that situation. 

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But, questions arise about what is the best way to wear double-mask? Here are some tips on how you can mask-up when you go out:

– CDC suggests that one should wear a proper combination of masks, it recommends to wear a cloth mask over a surgical mask to stay protected. 

– Before going out, test the mask combination first. Make sure that it fits to your face and seals your mouth, while you wear the masks, keep in mind that it does not block your vision. 

– Avoid combinations of masks that may not improve the fit or cause difficulty in breathing. Don’t wear two surgical masks, an N95 mask with another mask or a KN95 mask with another mask. 

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– You should double-mask only when you are going to place that have heavy risk of exposure to the virus. Wear double-mask when going to shopping, going to see a doctor or travelling in a plane, train or public transportation.