Actor and reality TV contestant Payal Rohatgi accused Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut of ‘piggy banking’ on Alia Bhatt’s name and using it to grab attention.

The brief heated exchange took place during the launch episode of the ALTBalaji show ‘Lock Upp‘, in which Rohatgi is a contestant and Ranaut is the host.

It started with Rohatgi, 37, responding to a reporter’s question on why she chose to take part in the show despite being critical of the production house in the past. She had said that personal opinions are different from professional equations, quoting Ranaut’s own past differences of opinions with Alt Balaji’s Ekta Kapoor.

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Speaking about this answer, the ‘Queen’ actor said in a stern and steely voice, “Do not piggyback on me. Talk about your own experiences, do not use my past experiences. Do not take my name.” Payal told her that she only mentioned Kangana as she was sitting right in front. “I would have named someone else if you were not present here.” 

Payal told her that she only mentioned Ranaut as she was sitting right in front. “I would have named someone else if you were not present here.”

Ranaut, 34, added, “So, you would still talk of someone else’s experiences. You are still not saying that you would talk about your own experiences. You just proved my allegations right.”

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This triggered a reaction from the former Bigg Boss contestant, who accused Ranaut of doing the same with Alia Bhatt’s name. “Why then do you use others’ names? I can also say that you piggy back on Alia Bhatt’s name and (are using) Gangubai Kathiwadi for the sake of grabbing attention.”

To this, the ‘Fashion’ actor said, “Do not talk about me, I create my own controversies, that is my opinion about them.”

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Earlier, Ranaut had bashed Alia Bhatt for being cast in the film. Calling her a ‘daddy’s angel’ and Mahesh Bhatt a ‘movie mafia’, Ranaut wrote on Instagram, “This Friday 200cr will be burnt to ashes at the box office … for a papa (movie mafia daddy) ki pari (who likes to keep a British passport) because papa wants to prove that romcom bimbo can act… biggest drawback of the film is wrong casting…yeh nahi sudhrenge (these people won’t change) no wonder screens are going to South and Hollywood films. Bollywood is destined for doom jab tak movie mafia has power.”

She changed her stance after the release of the film, by lauding its cast and crew on her Instagram story. She wrote, “Never expected that movie mafia will rise to the occasion and do something good. If they do we will be absolutely appreciative. Hoping for the best.”

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‘Lockupp’ is a captive reality show which has 16 celebrities locked inside the queen’s jail for 72 days. The participants are given a set of charges that they are supposed to defend themselves against. Payal was told that she cashes in on others’ controversies for publicity.