The trailer of Kabir Khan’s 83’ came out to generally
positive responses. Viewers got to see Deepika Padukone play the role of Romi
Dev, Kapil Dev’s wife. The appearance was refreshing and interesting at the
same time since many people are unaware of her contribution to the cricketing
legend’s career. Recently, Kapil Dev opened about his family’s reaction, when
they got to know Deepika would be playing Romi in the movie. 

He described that the reaction was mixed since they
did not know the extent of her part in the film. They were not sure of what the
moviemakers were trying to do. The maestro continued about his feelings when he
got to know that Ranveer Singh would be playing him in the movie.

While he was
happy that the talented actor would be stepping into the role, there were some
doubts due to the athleticism involved. However, Ranveer put in a lot of work
throughout the year, proving to the retired cricketer that he was keen to do justice
to the film.

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Kapil Dev also detailed how Ranveer stayed at his home
to study the cricketer more closely. The dedicated Bollywood star followed
the legend’s diet while he was there. Speaking of the preparation process, he admitted
that he was a little confused at the start. There were numerous cameras, but
Ranveer walked him through the process, and it was smooth sailing after a
couple of days.

The former Indian team captain also opened up about
the iconic Natraj shot, which Ranveer pulls off. He said that they did enough
research beforehand and were smart enough to execute it in front of the camera,
without requiring many insights from him.

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Notably, ‘83’ was slated to release in 2020 but was
delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Currently, it is scheduled to be
released on December 24, 2021.