KBC Offline Quiz (November 17, 2021): What are Churros traditionally served with?

(A) Chocolate

(B) Barfi

(C) Chapati

(D) Rice

Answer: (A) Chocolate

Churros are a treat loved all around the world. It is a must-have when eating in Spain and Mexico. While its true origins are unknown, there are several possibilities for the true churros history.

One of the most told origins of churros is that it was inspired by Spanish shepherds of the northern mountainous grasslands. These shepherds were called Churras as the sheep were known as Churra sheep.

While today churro means “fritter”, back then, churro referred to the shape of the sheep’s horn. As for sustenance, the shepherds pan-fried breadsticks made from flour, water, and salt, and they ate this plain or rolled in sugar.

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