Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday suggested that the Centre share the anti-COVID-19 vaccine formula of the two manufacturers with other companies in the country to scale up production.

Kejriwal said there is a shortage of vaccines across the country and an urgent need to ramp up its manufacturing on a war footing while developing a national policy to inoculate everyone in the next few months.

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He said the Centre should ensure that all the vaccine manufacturing plants in the country start producing COVID doses.

“Only two companies are producing vaccines. They produce only six to seven crore a month. This way, it will take over two years to vaccinate everyone… many waves will have come by then. It is important to increase vaccine production and frame a national plan,” said Kejriwal.

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The two COVID vaccine manufacturers can be provided royalty for use of their formula by other companies, he said.

He said scaling up vaccine production is needed to vaccinate everyone before the onset of the next wave of COVID-19.

“… several companies should be deployed to produce vaccines. Centre should collect the formula from these two and give it to the others so they can produce vaccines safely,” said Kejriwal.

“The centre has the power to do this in these difficult times,” said Kejriwal, writing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “every Indian should be vaccinated in the next few months and we are ready to play every role”.