“A video of a man seen helping an eagle drink water on what looks like a very warm day has gone viral onu00a0social media, collecting more than 52,000 views on Twitter. Shared by Twitter user Buitengebieden, the 20-second video clipu00a0shows the man pouring water from a bottle for an eagle to drink by the side of a road.u00a0. Also Read:u00a0’Charlie Bit My Finger’ video fetches $760,000 at NFT auction. As soon as the video went viral, several people took to Twitter and thanked the man for this amazing gesture. Letu2019s take a look at the reaction of people, who are appreciating this kind gesture. u00a0. Several people thanked the person for his kind deed. #SocialMedia #ViralVideo #Trendingu00a0.”