Mahendra Singh Dhoni is considered to be India’s most successful captain, across formats, in terms of winning major trophies. As influential as he is both on field and social media, because of his status, Dhoni sports a blue badge on both his social media handles – Twitter and Instagram.

However, at the time of writing this article, if you visited Dhoni’s Twitter account, you will see that his blue badge (verified account) is missing.

The blue tick on a Twitter handle is to ascertain that the social media account is authentic. And in order to receive the blue badge, the person’s account must be authentic, notable, and active.

While the real reason behind this move is not known yet, one can connect the dots, keeping in mind the Twitter rules.

Twitter says that an account may lose its verified badge if it stays inactive for six months. Incidentally, the last tweet made from Dhoni’s account was in January.

Other reasons why Twitter may remove the blue verified badge are:

-If an account changes account name (@handle)

-If an account becomes inactive or incomplete

-If the owner of the account is no longer for which position they were initially verified and do not otherwise meet our criteria for verification since leaving such position

Twitter, in a blog post, says that an account may lose its badge if they are found to be in severe or repeated violation of the Twitter rules.

-Impersonation or intentionally misleading people on Twitter by changing your display name or bio

-Violations that result in immediate account suspension

Repeat violations in Tweets, including but not limited to: hateful conduct policy, abusive behavior, glorification of violence policy, civic integrity policy, private information policy, or platform manipulation and spam policy

As for Dhoni, he retired from international cricket on August 15, 2020. The wicketkeeper-batsman now only plays in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and captains the Chennai Super Kings (CSK).