New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to Coast Radio told that she plans to get married in the summer, but did not reveal the date of the wedding. Ardern told Coast Radio that she and her partner Clarke Gayford “finally got a date”, for the wedding, reported New Zealand Herald. “That doesn’t mean we’ve told anyone yet, so I feel like we should probably put some invites out”, said Ardern, said the report.

Gayford, 44, is a television and radio host and broadcaster, who is also the presenter of the documentary show ‘FIsh of the Day’. Ardern, 40, got engaged with him in the Easter holidays in 2019, and they together have a two-year-old daughter.

The wedding is planned to happen in the summer, which is from December to February in the southern hemisphere. Ardern said that the celebrations might not be carried in a traditional way as she felt that she was too old for a bridal party, said the reports.

“Nothing further to add over what has been reported this morning”, told a spokesman from the prime minister’s office to Reuters.
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Ardern became New Zealand’s youngest prime minister in 2017 when she took the office as the 40th prime minister of the country and is one of the few elected leaders to have taken the office while being pregnant. 

Ardern returned to power last October after she recorded the biggest victory for her centre-left Labour Party in about 50 years.