There are a lot of questions that Indians want to ask Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but what seems the most important of all is why was PM Modi’s suitcase, that he carried with himself to the US for his Quad visit, is secured with a small golden lock. 

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On Wednesday PM Modi departed from New Delhi for Washington to take part in the highly anticipated Quad Summit, UN General Assembly and for his meeting with Kamala Harris. Several images featuring Modi in the plane and reading some documents were released after that. But what caught the attention of the social media users was the little golden lock that secured PM’s suitcase.

Now tweeple, who are aware that Modi was travelling in a private jet with only his staff members, are intrigued to know the purpose behind the lock.

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While some are saying that it reflects that PM Modi thinks just like any average middle-class Indian, some are trolling him for using the lock while many took political digs at him. Here’s how the internet is reacting.

Meanwhile, there’s another angle in the photo released by PM Modi that’s getting all the unwarranted attention and the users are nearly trolling the PM for that.

If you look at the picture PM Modi is reading some papers while on a long flight, right? But eagle-eyed Twitter users have noticed that the PM is reading the papers against the direction of the light. 

The light on the seat is evidently behind the papers that PM Modi’s paper and the internet is not in the mood to let this go and have trolled Modi Ji for posing for a picture.

See the reactions!

However, PM Modi reached the US on Thursday (IST) for his first in-person Quad Summit, which is scheduled to take place on September 24. Before that, he will meet Vice President Kamala Harris and Australian PM Scott Morrison on Thursday.