Shraddha Walkar, the 27-year-old woman who was strangled to
death in May, her body slit up and spread across 35 locations in Delhi,
suspected her live-in partner Aftab Poonawala of cheating on her, a social
activist said, PTI reported.

Shreha Dharghalkar,
who runs an NGO, said Walkar and Poonawala would fight frequently and Walkar
also had financial troubles.

Dhargalkar said
Shraddha wished to have a child, a small family. “That was her dream”. The
social activist met Shraddha Walkar during a cleanliness drive. Her NGO takes
up cleanliness drives at several beaches, including Juhu, Versova, Madh and Aksa.
During the drive, Dhargalkar thought Shraddha was aloof.  

“Walker was worried
about several things. When I asked her why she was aloof and not mixing with
the rest of the group, she said she was tense and worried,” Dhargalkar claimed.

Shreha told PTI
that Shraddha Walkar did not want to quit her call centre job in Malad, Mumbai
and move to Delhi but that Poonawala had prevailed upon her.  Poonawala
feared Walker’s family would go to the police against him. “She told me that
she was having financial problems. She did not mention her live-in
relationship, but said her boyfriend wanted her to leave Mumbai and

“During their fights
and misunderstandings as well as Walkar’s suspicion that Poonawala was cheating
on her, she could not concentrate properly on her work. Their relationship was
in a constant state of turmoil and there were times when the couple had no
money,” Dhargalkar said.

She added that Walkar
had asked her if there was an opportunity to work a part-time position or work-from-home
for her NGO, so that she could make some more money. Walkar loved Mumbai and
wanted to do something for the city, Dhargalkar said.

“She was
hardworking, but did not mix up with others or talk to them much. She only
spoke when she was spoken to or asked any questions. She was reserved and
mostly kept to herself. She did not share anything about her family or personal
life,” the activist said.

The 28-year-old
Aftab Poonawala strangled Shraddha Walkar to death in May this year, sawed her
body into 35 pieces, kept them in a 300-litre fridge for nearly three weeks at
his residence in South Delhi’s Mehrauli. Poonwala was arrested Tuesday. Cops
took him to a forest area near South Delhi’s Chhatarpur to locate places where
he had dumped the bodies.