Sidhu Moose Wala, the gangster
rap singer who was shot dead last week, might have been a victim of gang wars, according
to media reports speculating on how the Congress nominee in the
recently-concluded Punjab polls was killed. A nexus of gangsters, over the
years, have tried to establish their dominance over Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and
Rajasthan, an Indian Express report said.

Last month, a 28-year-old gangster
named Md Shahrukh, who was arrested by the Delhi police revealed to them that
he was allegedly plotting to kill Moose Wala. Shahrukh is alleged to have been
involved in 10 murder cases, counts of attempt to murder and extortion. He was
linked to the Shakti Naidu gang.

When the leader of
the Shakti Naidu gang was killed by the Uttar Pradesh police was in an
encounter, Md Shahrukh joined the Hashim Baba gang while he was imprisoned. He
was released on parole in course of the pandemic.

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The last five
years have seen several leaders get arrested, according to a senior police
officer who spoke to the Indian Express. “In their absence, gangsters from
Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan have tried to operate in the capital, often
forming alliances with Delhi gangsters who are in jail.”

Many of these
gangsters are based globally, from places such as Dubai, Thailand and Canada.
Goldy Brar, the man who took responsibility of Sidhu Moose Wala’s murder on
Facebook, is reportedly based out of Canada. The most notorious gang is said to
be the one run by Lawrence Bishnoi.

Bishnoi’s gang is
in conflict with the gang led by Davinder Bambiha. Bambiha died in 2016, and
his gang is now run by Dilpreet and Sukhpreet. Both gangs have tried to expand
their sphere of influence, according to the police. Both gangs are also accused
of high-profile crimes. Jitender Gogi, the gangster who was killed in the
recent Rohini court shootout, is said to have been killed by the Bambiha gang.