Lack of
sleep can lead to cognitive decline over time and a recent study suggests you
can also get too much sleep. 

The amount
of sleep needed, including deep sleep, has recently been found by researchers
at Washington University School of Medicine to be only 4.5 – 6.5 hours a night.

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As well as
the duration,  research has established  sleep quality plays an
important role in mental functioning.

Those who
experienced sleep disorders or low sleep quality have been shown to have an
increased risk of developing symptoms of dementia and cognitive decline. 

To improve
your quality of sleep so you can try a good night’s rest:

Winding down
before bed: By following a nightly routine to wind down before bedtime,
without your phone, and possibly even a skin care program with herbal tea, you
can naturally allow your body to experience a state of rest and relaxation
before you even close your eyes.

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Listening to
your bod: Often we give ourselves rigid bedtimes forcing ourselves to
either stay up later or go to bed before we are ready. By being flexible and
listening to your body when it’s ready to sleep, you’re more likely to get a
quality night’s rest where you wake up ready to take on the day. 

Reading as
you doze off:  Reading a good book 15 minutes a day has been shown to
improve brain function and when added to your nightly routine before bed you
can isolate yourself from your daily stresses and move on peacefully.

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Creating a
relaxing bedroom: Now more than ever more people are working from home or
taking their work home with them. By ensuring that you don’t work in your bed
you’re also conditioning your brain to promote relaxation while you’re trying
to rest and fall asleep. Make your bedroom your oasis and your sleep quality is
bound to improve!