A video of a man wearing a herbal mask is going viral on social media. The video was posted the social media platform Twitter by an IPS official Rupin Sharma. Sharma captioned the video, “Not sure this MASK WILL HELP. Still, NECESSITY is the mother of JUGAAD”.

The baba was spotted at the bus stand of Sitapur district in Uttar Pradesh.

In the video, the man can be seen wearing  saffron-coloured clothes and is standing on a roadside footpath. A curious man shooting the video approached him and asks, “Baba, how did you make the mask?”

To this, the Baba replied that Neem leaves can kill all kinds of illness. They are also well-known for being an age-old cure. He is 72-years-old and made the mask with tulsi and neem leaves, the Baba added.

He also asserted that his mask is much more effective against the deadly virus as compared to the usual surgical or cloth masks that people are normally using.