Royal Challenger’s Bangalore
skipper Virat Kohli who played his 200th game in the Indian Premier League for
his Royal Challengers Bangalore outfit on Thursday was spotted performing some
bold dance movie ahead of his team’s clash with Kings XI Punjab. Kohli who had
a slow start to this year’s IPL has finally found his footing in the tournament
playing some stellar knocks that have guided his team to a third-place position
after the half way mark of the tournament. Kohli who has been delivering with
the bat and is known for his flamboyance on the field was seen having some fun
and frolic ahead of the game with Punjab, a rarity for the Team India skipper.

The Bangalore skippers antics
ahead of the match has garnered reactions for fans and players like with
Rajasthan Royals’ Jofra Archer tweeting his hilarious take on the instance.

Archer retweeted the video and quipped,
“When she tells
you go and lock the door.”

Kohli’s hilarious dance moves had
the social media doing splits as Twitter users had a field day poking fun at
the video of the team India captain dancing.

Kohli’s dance step prompted on cricket lover
to claim, “Dance
pe chance maarle   Virat Kohli playing
his 200th T20 for RCB and looks excited!!!

Yet another user by the name Bharti
Shaw opined, “My 5
years old friend trying to a Impress her classmates with his weird dance.”

Another user by the name,
Atidivya Anand wrote, “Mom :
Aunty ko dance karke dikhao, beta


Some others made hilarious improvisations
to Kohli’s dance steps adding music in the back ground.

Social media platforms had a gala
time trying to decipher the reason behind Kohli’s hilarious moves. The
Bangalore skipper however had a bad day at the office, despite scoring 48 runs
his team slumped to a eight wicket defeat against Kings XI Punjab.