For those looking
to lose weight, going for a run while you count steps on your pedometer and
yearn for the 10,000-mark, cardio may feel like the mantra to weight loss.
Unfortunately, that’s not true. While cardio does have a
role to play in weight loss, it cannot be the only thing you do.

Here, we look at
five reasons why cardio can’t be the be all and end of your exercise regimen:

Cardio can be
Doing the same
cardio exercise or even repeating a set of cardio exercises can get boring
beyond a point. And the worst thing about boring exercises is that it becomes hard
to stick out. Therefore, just like your investments, diversifying your exercise
regimen will go a long away in getting you your dream physique.

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Diet is key: No amount of running or cycling will shed those
calories gained from the late-night pastry. Gym trainers of the world have not
said this enough, exercise without a proper diet has hardly any impact on
general physical health. Further, bad diets can often be coping mechanisms for
people with mental health issues. Therefore, keeping an eye on the cookie jar
is key to good health.

From strength
to strength:
training is a powerful component of weight loss and can even help burn more
calories than cardio. While doing cardio exercises, you only lose calories
through the exercises. But strength training helps you lose calories through the
day. Further, building muscle mass helps speed up the fat burning process.

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Mind the gap: Whether you’re doing
cardio or strength training, it is critical to keep a gap between workouts.
Performing the same workout every day may make your weight loss plateau, which
in turn can lead you to lose motivation. Therefore, it is important that you
mix up your exercise regimen a little. Resting and recovery is part of every fitness