Congress leader Rahul Gandhi
on Thursday said “PM Modi doesn’t listen” while addressing an election rally in
Uttarakhand. His statement came a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi said
Rahul Gandhi does not listen; he does not sit in Parliament.

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“Yes, he is right.
Rahul Gandhi does not listen to Narendra Modi. He thinks he can scare everybody
by ED, CBI. I am not scared. Instead, I feel like laughing…seeing his
pride,” Rahul Gandhi shot back at Modi.

“Why should I listen to
Narendra Modi?” Rahul Gandhi said.

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In his interview with ANI,
PM Modi on Wednesday said the departments concerned have issued clarifications regarding Rahul Gandhi’s
accusations that he made in Parliament. “How do I reply to a person who
does not listen, and does not sit in the House?” PM Modi said.

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Reiterating what he said in
his Parliament speech, Rahul Gandhi said, “In my Lok Sabha speech, I
talked about two Indias that PM Modi is making. One India belongs to the
industrialists and the other India belongs to the poor, the unemployment. In
the first India, you can get anything if you are an industrialist. In my
speech, I also talked about China.”

“Then PM Modi gave a
long speech in which he said wrong things about the Congress, about me which he
generally does. Then yesterday he gave another interview. Have you watched
that? I don’t know,” Rahul Gandhi added.

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“Narendra Modi blames
us for arranging for buses for migrants. That was not our job. We were not in
the power. Narendra Modi ji does not do his own work and then blames us. You
could not prove employment to people. In fact, you rendered people
jobless,” Rahul Gandhi said.

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Allegations and
counter-allegations are dominating the election season as Uttar Pradesh goes
into the first phase of the seven-phase assembly elections on Thursday.