Merrick Garland, a judge in the federal appeal court of the US who was rejected by the Republicans for a position in the Supreme Court of the US, will be appointed by US President-Elect Joe Biden as the attorney general,CNN reported.  

The announcement is expected on Thursday with other important appointments like Vanita Gupta as associate attorney general, Lisa Monaco as deputy attorney general and other senior leaders. 

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If and when officially appointed, Merrick Garland is likely to address active issues like requests to set up inquiries into Trump's work by Democratic leaders and solving the pending investigation of Biden's son.

Additionally, an investigation on the Russia probe also remains open which shall let Garland decide on his course of action. 

The reins of the Justice Department shall also fall into the hands of Garland, who is expected to pay attention to national policing policies and issues relevant to civil rights in the US. This has recently become particularly urgent after mass protests in the US in the past few months.