The 'Justice for J6' rally in Washington DC has triggered an anticipatory response from the United States Capitol Police, who said that a request for National Guard troop deployment has been made to the Pentagon in case any violence breaks out. 

The preparation was done as a rally has been scheduled in Washington DC on September 18, according to US media reports.

Even though no details about the number of National Guard troops were provided by the United States Capitol Police, they said in a statement, "The USCP has asked the Department of Defense for the ability to receive National Guard support should the need arise on September 18", according to reports from Reuters.

Authorities have also put in a request to re-erect the tall, black fences around the United States Capitol complex on September 18, as a preparatory move.

The fences were removed from the national capital earlier this year in July after being installed as a preventive measure following the January 6 capitol riots.

The 'Justice for J6' rally, which is being organised in Washington DC on Saturday, is expected to see the participation of a large group, who will protest against the detention of those who were arrested in connection to the January 6 violence and have not been pressed with criminal charges.

Matt Braynard, who is the leader of ‘Look Ahead America’ said in a statement that the rally will be organised on the west end of the US Capitol complex on Tuesday.

In a permit request filed by Braynard to authorities, the site for the rally was Union Square, which is located near the public park of the Capitol Reflecting Pool, according to reports from CBS.

Barnyard also sent letters to the United States Department of Justice and the FBI backing up a huge chunk of those who had been taken into custody after the Capitol violence.

The letter said that nearly 570 people who were non-violent on the day and “reasonably believed that they had permission” to enter the Capitol Complex, according to reports from The Washington Post.