KBC 13: What is the name of Lord Krishna's conch shell?

A) Paundra

B) Panchajanya

C) Anantavijaya

D) Devdutta

Answer: (B) Panchajanya 

The narrative of Sri Krishna's conch has broad values hidden in a high epic tale. To summarize, after reuniting with his royal parents in Mathura, Krishna was sent to catch up on his schooling. He was sent to Rishi Sandipani's gurukul at Avantika (Ujjain), the premier boarding school in north India at the time for the sons of the ruling class. Krishna learned his teacher's greatest grief: he yearned for his son, who had been abducted by pirates and most likely sold into slavery. Krishna tracked down the demonic abductor Panchajana, defeated him, and rescued the youngster. He "pulverized Panchajana's bones" to make a conch he called Panchajanya, or "Of Panchajana."

The conch has remained significant for individuals in the twenty-first century, representing the traditional adage that good will triumph over evil. It is yet another amazing cultural item. Outside of an aarti or puja, it is generally blown in civil society during a performance, a dance, or to culturally mark a beginning (its sound is hair-raising). To summarize, the conch belongs in our common cultural events, rites, and poetry like the 9th-century ‘Address to the Conch' by the female saint Andal.

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