KBC 2021: What type of a reptile is a "Dhaamin" or "Dhaaman"?

a. Tortoise

b. Snake

c. Crocodile

d. Lizard

Answer: b. Snake

Ptyas mucosa, also known as the Oriental Rat Snake, Indian Rat Snake, Darash, or Dhaman, is a non-venomous colubrid snake that may be found across South and Southeast Asia. Dhamans are colossal serpents. The average mature total length is 1.5 to 1.95 meters, however, some reach 2 metres.

In dry places, they are pale brown, whereas, in damp forest environments, they are practically black. Dhamans are fast-moving, diurnal, semi-arboreal, non-venomous, and diurnal. Dhamans consume a wide variety of prey and are common in cities where rodents thrive.

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