If you think trends were limited to social media challenges and fashion, you are wrong. Workouts and exercises are also about trends these days and one such trend is kettlebell exercises. The latest celebrity to jump on the bandwagon is television actor Asha Negi who is seen performing the exercise like a pro.

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Here's the video.

The video featuring Negi was posted by celebrity fitness trainer Rohit Nair and is sure going to make you intrigued about the 'kettlebell workout. So here is all you need to know about it.

What is a kettlebell exercise?

A kettlebell exercise is performed using kettlebells, which is actually a cast iron or cast steel ball with a handle attached to the top. The person performing it has to hold these kettlebells in the right posture as instructed by a professional trainer and perform stretches

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Unlike dumbles, in which the mass is displaced, kettlebells have all their mass lying below the handle.

A kettlebell workout is used to perform dynamic strength and endurance exercises.

Benefits of kettlebell exercises

Great for limbs: Exercises involving kettlebells allow you to train both the limbs equally, as it is usually used as a unilateral movement. So one can train one arm first and then go for the second arm.

Multiple exercises with one tool: One can create many exercises using kettlebells like overhead presses, biceps curls, elbow extensions, goblet squats etc.

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Works the cardio: Because of the full-body movement and interval training format, it raises one's heart rate and breathing, giving benefits of an effective cardio workout.

Improves posture and balance: When one uses a kettlebell, they naturally learn what good posture feels like. To keep your balance, you need to keep your back straight and engage your core.  

Who should not perform kettlebell exercises?

People with back issues, both lower and upper should not perform this workout. 

Those with muscle issues involving hand shoulders such as cervical and spondylitis should also avoid workouts involving kettlebells. 

Anyone who wants to kettlebells exercises must always do it under expert supervision.