When it comes to Bihari food most people talk about litti chokha and Champaran mutton curry. The state has a plethora of home-grown herbs and greens that add to the richness of the culinary scenario.

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Here are 10 Bihari foods you must try. 

Sanai phool ke pakode: This is a lip-smacking pakoda recipe that is made with yellow flowers of the jute plant. This dish is made by mixing the sanai phool with chilli-garlic paste, salt, gram flour and some spices like coriander powder and red chilli powder. 

Dudhauri: It’s a sweet dish made by cooking some rice in milk with some sugar, cardamom and cashews. When this mixture become thick enough, it’s cooled  and then given a round or oval shape.

Phulauri: This is a kind of pakoda made with soaked masoor dal. The soaked dal is first added to a grinder to make a paste and then mixed with chopped onion, ginger-garlic paste, green chilli and various spices.

Anarsa: It’s another Bihari sweet made with powdered rice but has a filling made of khoya and dry fruits. The rice dough is made in the shape of cookies and then deep-fried. 

Belgrami: It’s a delicious sweet dish made by kneading a dough of fine chhena, cardamon, and sugar. This mixture is then cut into various shapes and sizes, and then deep-fried. 

Parwal ki mithai: It is one of the lesser-known sweets and is only found in Bihar. To make this mithai, the peel of parwal is first removed and then all the seeds are removed. 

Dahi chura gud: One of the most popular dishes of Bihari cuisine is dahi chura gud, which is prepared by mixing curd with washed poha or flattened rice and mixing jaggery in it. 

Ole ki subzee: It’s none other jimikand or suran ki subzee. This vegetable is harvested during  Diwali and is known to have various nutritional benefits. 

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Tomato chutney: Also known as tomato chokha, thus chutney is super-delicious and is prepared by grinding roasted tomatoes, garlic cloves, coriander leaves and green chillies in mustard oil.

Tisi chutney: This flavourful chutney is made by grinding together roasted flax seeds, garlic cloves, green chillies, mustard oil and lemon juice.