Starting out as a milk and wine potion called posset, eggnog quickly rose to prominence as the classic American Christmas drink.

Inspired by the posset, which is a British drink often containing ale, wine, milk and spices, eggnog soon became a Christmas tradition in many American families.

Dating back to the Middle Ages, warm posset helped with common cold and flu. The drink was also popular among the upper-class households of the UK, who often used brandy in the concoction.

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The word eggnog came into being when eggs were mixed with nog, a strong beer from Anglia. Some also believe that the word came from noggin, an old English word for a mug. Finally, some theories also suggest that the word comes from nugg, a Scottish ale.

The drink arrived in the United States in the mid-1700s, with ale being substituted by rum.

The word was first used in a 1775 poem by Jonathan Boucher, a clergyman. Later on, the word was also published in newspapers and chronicles.

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US president George Washington was the first US President who would serve eggnog that contained rum and whiskey.

Here are a few different variations of the beverage-

1. Posset eggnog- This cocktail can be created by alcohol, sugar and curdled milk. If you’re not a fan of eggs, this eggless British eggnog is the perfect Christmas special for you. Heat a cup of whole milk or cream with a tablespoon or two of sugar, a sprinkle of grated ginger, and some rose water. Serve the concoction in a fancy bowl or glass.

2. Military moose milk- Invented by World War II soldiers of Canada, this recipe involves your choice of liquor, egg yolk, sugar and cream. You could also add ice cream or coffee for an enhanced flavour.

3. The Tom and Jerry eggnog- This cocktail was invented by Pierce Egan, a British journalist. It is said that the cartoon is named after this beverage. It consists of dark rum, brandy, eggs, cinnamon and nutmeg.