Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin have organized the homes of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. From sorting Legally Blonde memorabilia for Reese Witherspoon or handling a gift Emma Roberts was given by her “Aunt Julia,” the experts follow the same rules for keeping precious items safe and sound no matter who they belong to.

“When it comes to decluttering, we always say you need to think of your different buckets for what something represents,” the pair, who recently announced their Netflix show ‘Get Organized with The Home Edit’ will be returning for a second season this summer, told People. 

“So, do you need it? Do you use it? Do you love it? Or is it sentimental? And sentimental is a really important bucket. We are never going to have anyone throw out something that is truly sentimental,” said Shearer.

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You have to be honest about what is truly sentimental to you, they said.For example, Shearer says, “sometimes people might assume an entire stack of things is sentimental, like kids’ artwork, for instance. But when you actually go through it, you’re like, ‘What was that even for? I don’t even recognize it.'”

“We just want people to treat their items with respect and store them properly,” Teplin adds. “So if it’s a physical item that you are really attached to, think about if you’re putting it in your sentimental box, or displaying it on a shelf or wall in a shadow box.”

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No matter what vessel you choose to put your prized items in, you need to make sure moisture can’t get in and damage it.

Another option they recommend is digitizing important family documents, photos, and heirlooms.

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“I’d call my mom every day and be like, ‘Tell me more about my great-great-grandfather from Czechoslovakia,’.Now I have my (family) tree dating back to the 1700s.. So it’s really special, especially in a moment where you don’t have that much interaction with your family,” said Shearer.

“Digitizing and uploading photos of these items gives them a life beyond yours, which is just the most magical thing,” said Teplin.