Busy work from a home schedule has put people’s health and fitness routines on hold, leaving them feeling bloated and lethargic. With work from home likely to be extended for a few more months due to the second COVID-19 wave in India, seems like it is time to set up a home gym.

Here are a few fitness equipment will help you sweat it out at home – 

1. Pull Up bar- The cross-training pull-up bars are best for your home workout to strengthen your upper body. This exercise targets most of the upper body muscles such as biceps, forearms, and shoulder muscles and helps build strong muscles without lifting heavyweights.

2. Rowing Machine- Rowing Machine can help build endurance strengthen and tone the muscles. It helps to burn many of your calories and gives a touch of aerobic fitness too.

3. Dumbells- Dumbells are one of the easiest and standard home equipment which has not just one but thousands of benefits coming their way.

4. Resistance Bands- Resistance Bands provide a great workout for your arms, back, shoulders and legs. The bands are perfect for body stretching, powerlifting, resistance training, yoga, and physical therapy.