Pistachios, toaster pastries, nachos, or popcorn, some of the finest snacks to pair with wine but have you ever thought of bringing together some tangy-spicy Indian snacks with different types of wines. Seems atypical right? Well, not really. If experimented well, you can create some brilliant Indian munches that will taste perfect with a glass of wine. Take a look.

Biryani with Sangiovese

This way or that way, Biryani and its magical flavours go well with almost everything but when paired with Sangiovese, it gives your taste buds an unparallel, mouthwatering wonder.

Hariyali Kabab with Sauvignon

When we think of a classic Indian appetiser, the first thing that comes to our minds is Kebabs. Hariyanli Kebab, prepared with the blend of peas and spinach, is a spot-on snack to pair with some Sauvignon Blac. Add some chutney to it and you are good to go.

Papdi Chaat with a Sparkling Wine

Papdi Chaat, the mouth-watering Indian snack, when paired with sparkling wine is something you ought to try. You can experiment and create your own kind of papdi chat by adding different chutneys and namkeen.