Every year, the second Wednesday of March is celebrated as ‘No Smoking Day’. This year, No Smoking Day is being observed on March 9 with an aim to spread awareness about the harmful affects of smoking tobacco and letting go of the harmful habit. 

While there many methods that people have tried in order to get rid of the nicotine addiction, one such method is using nicotine gums. 

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Smokers who want to let go of the habit but are seriously addicted to nicotine use the gum. Nicotine gum usually comes  in dosages of 2 and 4 milligrams, according to Everyday Health. It is usually chewed a little and then kept in between the cheek and gum to allow the nicotine slow pass into the bloodstream.

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There are however a few pros and cons of using the gums:


  • The smoker has complete control over the gum and can pop one in whenever there is a craving
  • The nicotine absorption is fast and therefore, offers a quick relief


  • If swallowed, it could cause an upset stomach, dizziness or nausea
  • Even the nicotine gum could be addictive in the long run. It is seen that smokers tend to use the gum over year after they have quit smoking
  • Pregnant woman should not use the gum as it can harm the fetus
  • Smoking while using the gum can cause nicotine overdose