The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to follow Work From Home culture and with it came a change in our wardrobes. From wearing formals, we shifted to comfortable clothing and now it is hard to go back to stuffed clothing that makes it difficult for us to breathe. Fortunately, we don’t have to sacrifice our comfort anymore to look nice anymore as wearing oversized clothes is the new trend. Here we are with a guide to help you up your fashion game with some must have oversized clothes:

Oversized Jacket: There is nothing like the comfort of an oversized jacket on slightly chilly days. Stars and celebrities have been nailing their looks in their oversized jacket and if they can do it, so can you. Oversized jackets look good on everybody and it is very flexible to pair. However, the best combination is when you pair it with crop tops and jeans. 

There is nothing like the comfort of oversized jackets on chilly evenings

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Baggy Sweaters: It is impossible to believe that baggy sweaters were considered ugly until a few years back. Thanks to comfortable clothing, now, you can wear your baggy sweaters unapologetically. Baggy sweaters look best in neutral colours. Colour has a lot to do with one’s sense of comfort – thus choosing the right colours for your baggy sweaters is extremely important.

Neutral colours on baddy sweaters is the most comfortable combination

Boyfriend Jeans: This is not a new trend but it is here to stay. The idea is to wear loose and comfortable jeans – thus it’s called Boyfriend Jeans. Jeans have been the source of our distress for a very long time and now we are tired of all the marks the tight jeans cause on our belly and thighs. So, let go of your tight-fits and breath freely in your Boyfriend Jeans.

Now jeans won’t always leave a mark on your belly and thighs

 Shirts: There are a lot of risks involved in styling shirts. No matter how comfortable they are, they are very difficult to style properly, especially in ‘traditional’ female clothing. But now you can keep your woes aside as shirts can now be worn in many innovative ways – with skirts, trousers, and shorts. Moreover, it can also be styled with a belt. 

An all-shirt outfit

T-shirts: Fashion has always had its bias against T-shirts. However, with the minimalist trend returning, T-shirts are finally seen as fashionable. As celebrities wear and normalise the comfort and beauty of wearing T-shirts. When tucked in jeans and paired with some goggles, this look is the perfect go-to look if you’re looking for something casual. 

Basic can be beautiful too

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Fashion should always be comfortable. If you are uncomfortable in your clothes, no matter how fashionable your outfit is, you will never look good. With comfort clothing finally trending, you can drop your inhibitions and finally choose clothes that define you and not the ever-changing trends.