Twitter is a funny place to discover some unheard trends and one such ultimate trick that recently became a buzzword on the internet was coconut while trying cowgirl position during sex. You need to spell the word with your hips when you are on top during sex to make it feel amazing for all involved.

For experts, this tip is actually extremely beneficial for literally everyone.

“The more motion you work into on-top intercourse, the more complexity you stimulate for yourself and your partner,” explains Good Vibrations’ resident sexologist, Carol Queen, PhD, reports

Also, for starters, “coconut” is pretty easy to remember.

The trick will also help those who thinks a lot during sex.

“Having a word to spell might take your attention away from less sexy feelings like, ‘I’m not sure what to do’ or ‘I feel exposed and nervous,’” says Queen.

Also, If you don’t want to spell out “coconut” with your hips, you can choose any of your fave fruits, veggies, or television shows.

“Any fairly long word will involve plenty of hip movement, changes in direction, and round and up-and-down movements to stimulate a lot of pleasure. Even just the letter ‘Z’ has three changes of direction. So if you find a word you like better—go for it,” says Carol Queen.