Winter has
its own charm but this year’s winters is taking a toll on all of us and is
continuing to freeze us with passing day. However, if not taken care, these
cold waves can harm our skin and body. We lose our body moisture, skin
breaks, become dry and itchy, get several skin infections, dehydration and
numbers of issues rise if we do not take proper care of ourselves during
freezing winters.

Here’s a
list of 4 skin and healthcare tips, which can lead to good skin and good health
during winters.

: In winters, the air is drier and it results in evaporating water from our body. So, you need to keep your
skin properly hydrated in chilly days and it can cure many health related

Vitamin D
is a must
: Winters is all about staying inside our blankets but this coziness
can result in deficiency of Vitamin D.
Sunlight can help you stay away from most of the diseases and can make your
skin smile too during winters. Simply go out in the morning and try to absorb
sunlight for at least 20 minutes. This will keep your bones and muscles healthy
and you will be also active during these chilly days.

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: This should be one of the important tip that we should always keep in
mind as these chilly winds can make you really sick in no time. Wear proper
layer of woollen clothes, cover your ears, neck and feet as they are the most
sensitive body parts, which catch cold very easy. Also avoid following any
fashion trend that will risk your health in winters.

Sleep well:
Strong immunity is the only thing which can save us in winters from cold, flu, joints pain, cough, sore throat and many more but how to
build a strong immunity in these chilly winters when we do not want to work out
at all. Here is the best option that we all love. Yes, a good sleep at night of minimum 6-8 hours can help you burn
calories, manage your stress and build immunity without any efforts.

So, follow these tips and make the most of the winters.