In the pre-COVID-19 time, our morning routine was all about getting up early, finishing household work and starting off for work. However, with work from home — firmly in place and here to stay — it’s a struggle to keep the same energy going every morning..

“Our morning routine sets the tone for the rest of the day, so spending the time we would normally be traveling to work on self-care – rather than sleeping in and then reaching for a strong coffee – means we’ll have more energy and continue to reap the benefits right up until bedtime,” says holistic wellness and mindset expert Naomi Buff to

Buff also suggests ways to keep up your morning pace with the right energy and mood.

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Take a ‘sound bath’: Instead of immediately grabbing your phone when you wake up, try a sound bath – a form of meditation using the vibrations of instruments – to ease you into the day. “Plugging yourself into a recorded sound bath before you’ve got out of bed helps to decrease tension and fatigue and increase focus and clarity,” says Buff.

Rehydrate: We lose water at night, so when we wake up after eight hours our bodies are parched. “Drinking a large glass of water first thing takes little time but is vital for our mental and physical wellbeing,” she says.

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Have a ‘brain dump’: Writing or having a brain dump in the morning is a concept from The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron’s 1992 bestselling book on creativity. In the book, she claims that writing “three pages of whatever crosses your mind” first thing in the morning will awaken your senses and make you more productive due to a connection between the inner and the physical self when we write, reports the publication.

Have a good stretch: “A morning stretch can reverse tightness caused from sitting, reduce aches and pains and make us more alert,” says fitness and strength trainer Nicole Prasad.

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Smell some essential oils: “Add a few drops of citrus oil – like wild orange or lemon – to cupped hands and take three big slow inhalations. Studies show that the molecules present in citrus oils cross the blood-brain barrier when inhaled, having a direct impact on the areas that control feelings of anxiety and stress, creating a happy start to the day and stopping any stresses in their tracks,” Nicola Burnett, founder of Oil Things Natural told the publication.