skin around the eyes always exhibits the first signs of aging. This is because
the skin is incredibly thin. Along with that fact, the increased screen time,
stress, and lack of oil glands around the eyes make the skin susceptible to

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these factors make our eyes tend to feel tired and look fluffy. You can take
care of your eyes by using this effective under-eye mask.

under-eye masks are easily available on various websites but are usually
expensive. Here’s a cheaper, but an efficient alternative for you.

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is rich in phytochemicals, ascorbic acid, and helps in tightening and soothing
the skin. It’s an essential part of every skincare routine.

How to do it?

simple way of doing it is to – simply cut a cucumber into two -thin slices and
then into semi-circle shape and put it under your eyes.

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  • You
    can also try this blended mask that will reach the inner and outer corners of
    the eyes. All you would need is – half cucumber, 1-ounce rosewater, cotton
    pads, and a blender.

Here’s how to do it?

your cotton pads into two semi-circle shapes.

In a
blender, churn the cucumber and rose water.

the liquid into a bowl and then soak the cotton rounds in it.

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excess and then re-soak it for optimal absorption.

it into the freezer for an hour before using it.

it for 10-15 minutes for the best results.

TIP: You can store the cotton
rounds in a Ziploc bag in the freezer for future use.

Let us
know if you want to know more about such DIY masks.