Today, my mom told me for the millionth time that breakfast, the first meal of the day, hugely impacts your health and well-being and thus having pasta and maggie doesn’t cut it. Well, we youngsters are all the same. We want to achieve these unrealistic health and fitness goals without compromising the taste and junk food we hold so dear. However, whether you cut on other sources of fats and carbs or not, there is one thing that you must start preaching and practicing if you need a Jennifer Lawrence-like body. What is that? Well, having a bowl of sprouts as you begin the day.

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You have no idea about the magical properties a bowl of sprouts also called ankurit chane carries and we have got a nutritionist testimony to back our claim.

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According to nutritionist Lovneet Batra, a high protein breakfast benefits muscle health and supports weight loss by increasing muscle mass, energy expenditure, satiety hormones, glucose regulation, and decreasing the desire to snack at night.

Here, we are listing down some benefits of having sprouts as your first meal of the day.

Increase nutrient levels 

The sprouting process, which is eating sprouts as you start your day, increases nutrient levels. This happens because sprouts are rich in protein, folate, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese and vitamins C and K than un-sprouted plants, says Batra.

Thus, having a nutritious breakfast in the form of sprouts is your one-stop solution to make up for all the nutrient deficiencies that your body has been reeling with.

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Strengthen immune system

Well, change my name if immunity hasn’t become your favourite word by now thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and its threats. According to Batra, sprouts are rich in vitamin C content, and thus acts as powerful stimulants for the white blood cells in the body which are responsible for fighting off diseases and infections, ultimately helping strengthen your immune system. The presence of vitamin A in abundance also helps build the immune system with all the antioxidants they offer.

Helps digestion

Digestion is an integral process. How your body behaves and acts throughout the day depends on how efficiently your body has digested the food you have eaten.

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Sprouts are a rich source of insoluble fiber, a type of fiber that helps form stool and moves it through the gut, reducing the likelihood of constipation. It’s best for gut health as well, says Batra.

How to make sprouts tasty?

Now comes the most important aspect of this conversation. While consuming healthy content is not a problem, what makes it difficult is the taste and we Indians have sworn to satiate ur tastebuds till our dying breath, right? Well, that’s why we have come up with some ideas to make your sprouts tastier.

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Add spices: One of the easiest and common ways to do so is by adding spices and flavours to your sprouts. You can jaljeera, chaat masala, oregano, pepper in the mixture to add taste to it.

Sprouts Cheela: If you are someone who doesn’t want to do anything the usual way, try making a cheela out of spice. It can be done by grinding the sprouts into a paste and mixing it with onion and other veggies.

Sprouts Tikki: Similarly, you can make tikki out of sprouts. However, make sure you don’t deep or shallow fry it. Rather opt for baking it in a microwave.