World sleep day is an annual awareness event that was started by a group of healthcare workers and other members of the medical community focusing on sleep medicine and research. The goal of World Sleep Day is to bring together people to discuss and distribute valid and authentic information about sleep around the world. The World Sleep Day has been hosted by the World Sleep Society since 2008 and they aim to educate society about healthy sleeping habits, sleeping disorders and so on.

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Sleep is an integral part of our life but very often a good night’s sleep is least prioritised by many. A sound sleep rejuvenates the body and fuels it up to face the day and a lack of the same means fatigue, tiredness and lower brain function. Insufficient sleep for a long time will lead to several physical and mental issues.

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This year’s World Sleep Day goes with the slogan ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future.’ and on that note, do try out the quiz below and check out how much you know about sleep.

Wishing you a very sleepy and healthy World Sleep Day!!