the odd hour insomnia and an all-nighter social media stalking session, we
humans spend one-third of our life – sleeping. And if you think the process is
limited to having a comfortable mattress, soothing light, and an ideal air
conditioner temperature to make you fall asleep, you are making a mistake much
bigger than your sleeping schedule, because the position you are sleeping plays
a part too. Let’s face it, we all have and know about what positions help us hit
the sack comfortably, but what we don’t know is that our sleeping position
reveals a great deal about our personality and inner self.

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the occasion of World Sleep Day—One thing that we all enjoy doing at
different hours and different ways, let’s understand what our favourite
sleeping position says about our personality.

baby or fetal position

The baby, fetal or curled up sleep position can be defined as one when one person sleeps on either
their side with their legs curled up underneath them. It gives an appearance of
a sleeping baby and thus the name. According to a survey conducted by sleep
specialist, Chris Idzikowski, almost 41% of all sleppers prefer this position

does it say about your personality:
 Experts believe
that sleepers who use this position are somewhat insecure of their surroundings
and are in need of support. They tend to display a tougher exterior but are
actually gullible and sensitive.


 This position is characterised by the traits
of a soldier. Sleepers in this position sleep with their arms resting straight,
lying on back in an attentive manner. Sleeping in this position increases your
chance of snoring.

does it say about your personality:
A person who prefers to sleep in this position is
believed to be strong, silent and meticulous. Apart from being a bit of a
disciplinarian, they also demand a lot from life and those around them.

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the name suggests, any sleeper in this position sleeps on their stomach, head on
one side and arms buried down the stomach. This position is also known as a sky
diver position and is one of the most popular sleeping positions. However, this
position exposes you to neck and back pain if not careful.

does it say about your personality:
 A skydiver
sleeper is a high-risk taker according to sleep experts. They are playful, fun
and high-spirited beings always looking to enjoy every aspect of life.

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Log roller position

this, a sleeper rest on either of the side with one leg extended straight while
the other leg curled up to make a 90-degree angle between both the legs. This
is the second most popular sleeping position.

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does it say about your personality:
 According to
nectarsleep, sleepers who sleep in this position are friendly and trust-worthy.
They make others around them comfortable. However, their over-friendliness
sometimes make them come across as a gullible person.