Actor Amanda Bynes was placed on psychiatric hold after she was found roaming naked near downtown Los Angeles early Sunday morning. The 36-year-old actor is reportedly on a 72-hour hold, according to a source, who also noted that she hasn’t spoken to her family in a while.

The announcement comes shortly after she abruptly canceled a scheduled performance at 90s Con. Bynes’ longtime lawyer on Monday said that he was unable to comment on the matter.

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TMZ claims that Bynes dialed 911 on herself on Sunday. According to reports, the actress was discovered alone and naked strolling through downtown Los Angeles. She apparently stopped a vehicle and sought assistance after emerging from a mental episode.

According to sources in law enforcement, After being transported to a neighboring police station, a mental health team ruled that Bynes needed to be placed on a 5150, which is a detention order for a 72-hour stay in a mental institution.

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What is Amanda Bynes doing in 2023?

The revelation comes in 2023, almost a year before Bynes’ conservatorship was ended by a judge following her petition to remove the arrangement, which was backed by her parents, Lynn and Rick Bynes. Since 2013, the former child star had been under a personal conservatorship. In 2017, her conservatorship over the estate came to an end.

Bynes has reportedly been “off her meds” for a considerable amount of time, according to her ex-fiancé Paul Michael, whom she charged with relapsing on crack cocaine last year. Now, the 36-year-old has sought medical attention for his mental health problems. Amanda initially stated on Twitter in 2014 that she had been given a diagnosis of manic depression and bipolar affective disorder, but she eventually pulled that claim back.

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As a series of unpleasant incidents unfolded in the public, the former child star made many headlines for encounters with the authorities. After lighting a fire in a California home’s driveway, she was put on an involuntary mental detention.