A mother from California was detained after it was claimed she dumped her newborn child in a gas station trash bin.

After being found in a dumpster outside of a gas station, the one-hour-old baby was taken urgently to the hospital. A worker discovered the infant in a bag inside a toilet bin in the 900 block of West Orange Thorpe Avenue in Fullerton.

According to local police, Venissa Maldonado, 25, has already been detained in relation to the incident.

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Who is Venissa Maldonado?

Venissa Maldonado is a 25-year-old female resident of Fullerton. After leaving her crying newborn boy inside a toilet bin at a Chevron gas station on Thursday, Maldonado was detained for attempted murder and criminal child abuse, according to Fullerton Police authorities.

“Through her statements to detectives, it was determined that the child was hers,” department spokesman Sgt. Ryan O’Neil told The Post. Whether Maldonado gave birth in the gas station restroom or not is still under investigation by the police.

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When the child started crying in the bathroom of the gas station in Fullerton, California, the employee went to look into it. The Fullerton Fire Department was sent right away to the place after the baby was found and gave the newborn life-saving assistance. The baby was sent to a nearby hospital, where he is now in a serious but stable state, according to O’Neil.

Around 1:45 a.m. on Friday, police executed a search warrant at an apartment in Fullerton, where Maldonado was later taken into custody.

It is unknown if the accused has entered a plea or retained legal representation to speak about the case.

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The Safely Surrendered Baby Law of California, which was enacted to protect kids who are “at risk of abandonment,” was clarified by the Fullerton Police Department by adding:

“Just another reminder that the Safely Surrendered Baby Law was signed permanently into state law in January of 2006. The law’s intent is to save lives of newborn infants at risk of abandonment by encouraging parents or persons with lawful custody to safely surrender the infant within 72 hours of birth, with no questions asked.”