Summer is here and the temperature can be quite harmful to our hair. Excessive heat, sun exposure, and strong winds can lead to hair damage. The solution is to adjust your hair care products and routine to fit the weather, rather than getting a haircut. Here is everything you need to know about summer hair care, including what products to use, how to prepare your hair for the heat and other concerns for your hair.

Its time to prepare your hair to survive the hot weather


Wind in your hair causes major tangles, which cannot and should not be fixed in the shower. Before you go under the water, make sure your hair is free of tangles. You’ll avoid damage this way, as water makes hair more fragile. This is a fantastic summer hair care tip, specifically if you live somewhere super windy.

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Invest in a moisturising shampoo. The hot heat might cause your hair to become dry. And dry hair causes plenty of problems. Choose softer solutions that will hydrate your hair while preserving its natural oils.


Use a moisturising conditioner to nourish your hair’s length. Leave it on for two minutes to allow your hair to absorb all of the moisture before rinsing it out. A good conditioner can seal moisture into your hair shafts, making it frizz-free and free of split ends. If you come across any tangles along the process, gently disentangle them with your fingers or with a wide-toothed comb.

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Hair Mask:

Make sure you apply a substantial amount of hair mask to your hair once a week. This will make your hair silky and soft by deep conditioning the roots and lengths. A summer hair care routine that includes a deep conditioning hair mask is ideal for nourishing your locks.

Hair oil: 

Is your hair really dry and dehydrated? With a good hair oil massage, you can restore all of that moisture. The massage will increase blood flow to the scalp, allowing all nutrients to reach your roots. This will allow for the growth of healthy hair. Hair oils also coat the strands of your hair, providing a protective barrier against external damage.

Heat and UV rays are the most common causes of damage throughout the summer. When you go out, always wear a scarf or a hat to keep your hair protected. If possible, use hair sunscreens. You may also use your heat protectant hair serums to offer that extra layer of protection to keep the damage at bay.