year on April 19, World Liver Day is commemorated. The goal of this day is to
raise awareness about liver disorders. It’s significant because many people
aren’t aware of the potentially fatal consequences of improper care of the

sometimes overlook one of the most crucial organs – the liver – in the midst of
all the talk about heart and kidney health. It is critical to take proper care
of the liver since it performs various key functions such as eliminating
toxins from the body’s blood supply, maintaining appropriate blood sugar
levels, regulating blood clotting, and so on.

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we approach World Liver Day this year, here’s a list of summer foods to
consider including in your regular diet to naturally cleanse your liver and keep
it healthy and safe.


demands all things light on the stomach. Yogurt is unquestionably at the top of
the list. It’s light and refreshing, and it keeps us nourished from within.
Yogurt is high in probiotics, which may help control fat levels in the liver,
according to multiple studies.


we really enjoy eating luscious and juicy grapes in the summer? They’re sweet
and crunchy, and they’re high in vitamin C and antioxidants. These factors also
aid liver detoxification and inflammation reduction.

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is arguably one of the best citrus fruits to choose from during the summer.
From nimbu pani to lemon rice- we make a wide range of lemon-based foods and
drinks during the summer.  Lemon is high in vitamin C, which
promotes the removal of toxins, prevents dehydration, and keeps us cool on
hot summer days. That’s not all, though. It also helps in the cleansing and
improvement of the liver’s health and performance.


greener, the better, as the saying goes. Green vegetables provide a variety of
cleaning substances that assist in the natural cleansing of our liver. Moringa
is one such famous green veggie. It improves digestion and cleansing by
boosting bile output. Moringa may also help minimise the symptoms of liver


tea is a well-known beverage. It is high in antioxidants and, according to research published in the World Journal of Gastroenterology, it may help in the
reduction of body fat percentage and blood fat.

that you have these foods on hand, we recommend incorporating them into your
diet for a healthy and nourishing summer.

keep in mind that moderation is key!