Every year on April 19th, World Liver Day is observed to
commemorate the importance of the liver, to raise awareness of its
functions and the disorders associated with it. The liver is one of our
body’s most vital and second-largest organs. It is also one of the most complex
organs in the body, associated with critical bodily processes such as
digestion, immunity, metabolism, and nutrition storage.

Here are some guidelines on how to keep your liver healthy:

Don’t drink too much alcohol.

It can harm liver cells, cause swelling or scarring,
and can lead to cirrhosis, which can be fatal.

Eat a balanced diet and exercise on a regular basis.

Maintaining a healthy weight, will help you avoid
nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition that can lead to cirrhosis.
High-calorie foods, saturated fat, refined carbs (such as white bread, white
rice, and ordinary pasta), and sweets should all be avoided.

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Fiber, which may
be found in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads, grains, and
cereals, is essential for a well-balanced diet. Eat meat (but not too much red
meat), dairy (low-fat milk and modest amounts of cheese), and fats
(monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats like those found in vegetable oils,
nuts, seeds, and fish). Shellfish should never be eaten uncooked or
undercooked. Good food leads to good life.

Vaccinate yourself against Hepatitis A and B as they are
both vaccine-preventable diseases.

Hepatitis, a viral disease is a dangerous condition
that damages the liver. Hepatitis A is caught by eating or drinking water
contaminated with the virus that causes the disease. If you’re going to a part
of the world where there are outbreaks, you can receive a vaccine.

Blood and bodily fluids are the medium through
which hepatitis B and C spread. Don’t share toothbrushes, razors, or
needles to reduce your risk. Keep your sex partners to a minimum and always use
latex condoms.

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Avoid stress.

Stress is harmful to the liver. So, set aside time to relax
and unwind to avoid succumbing to stress. You may do whatever that makes you
feel good from the inside out, from travelling to taking up a part-time hobby.

Hydration is essential, so drink a lot of water.

Avoid smoking since the additives in cigarettes can harm
your liver.