A video of a woman taking a COVID-19 vaccine shot two days after the government opened it up for all above 18 years of age might just tickle your funny bone. In the video that is doing the rounds on social media, a visibly 'terrified' woman is giving tough time to the nursing staff as they are all set to give her the jab.

The video shows woman stopping the nurse everytime she steps forward to inject her. The nurse could be heard asking her to "cooperate" while she goes on saying "Accha ek min... mummy, mummy..." The attendant with the woman, at one point, held her and covered her mouth with his hand to end this when the nurse, seemingly angry, told her to "go" if she can't "sit straight" to take the jab. It took less than few seconds for her to be done with her jab session that she ended with a big sigh.

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The nurse sure was upset and told her "dafa ho jao ab (buzz off now)" soon after the vaccine shot was given. However, the video has gone viral on social media with some calling the woman's reaction as "unnecessary" and some expressing disappointment over them not getting a slot for vaccination.

The nursing staff's reaction was a huge hit with people calling it the "highlight" of the video.

"Overacting" or injection phobia, you decide but don't forget to take Covid jab.

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