Myanmar’s junta has imposed a second straight overnight internet shutdown on Tuesday in efforts to control the anti-coup rallies, AFP reported. The military has been resorting to use increasing force, firing rubber bullets in Mandalay, to crush the nationwide protests that have brought people to the streets as they fight the ousting of elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi. A disobedience campaign has been launched by the general public encouraging civil servants to take a stand.  

"They shut down the internet because they want to do bad things," said 44-year-old Win Tun, a resident of commercial capital Yangon.

The internet shutdown came after Yangon saw another spark of protests in defiance of armoured vehicles and troop convoys stationed around key sections of the city. The military’s attack on protesting citizens in Mandalaya left six injured.

Demonstrators retaliated by throwing bricks, according to a medic at the scene, while journalists said police had beaten them in the melee.

Many of the country's locomotive drivers have joined the anti-coup work boycotts and have frustrated junta efforts to restart the national railway network after a COVID-19 shutdown.

Yangon residents had on the weekend used tree trunks to block police vehicles sent to bring striking rail workers back to their stations.