The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), which often shares intriguing visuals from outer space, has once again come up with some stunning videos of galaxies forming a cosmic rose-like structure. On Tuesday NASA's official Instagram handle 'nasahubble' shared the video and users are just marvelled at the sight. See the clip here.

In the video, one can see two galaxies distorted by their gravitational pull creating a beautiful rose-like shape. "A sweet cosmic rose to brighten your day," read the caption.

The US space agency also explained the reason behind the phenomena in the post.

"Comprised of two interacting galaxies distorted by their mutual gravitational pull, Arp 273 forms a stunning galactic masterpiece resembling a rose. These galaxies lie around 300 million light-years away in the constellation Andromeda," the post read.

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"Spread far across space and time, this visualization offers a unique three-dimensional view of Arp 273, captured by the Hubble Space Telescope," it added. 

The video left the Instagram users stunned and they dropped lovely reactions and hearts on the comment sections of the post.

"We are definitely not alone in this universe," wrote one user. "Thank you dearest Hubble. It’s so beautiful," said another user.

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"You have some real artists at NASA," another comment read. "I can only imagine the unbearable beauty of looking at the sky from any of the planets," wrote another user on the comment section.

Recently, NASA's 'Curiosity rover, which has recently completed its nine years on Mars, has also sent new facinating panorama shots from the red planet to celebrate nine years of exploration. The space agency also released a video of its whereabouts and its exploration.

The video shows the veiny texture of the sulfate materials that it is currently exploring, around the rover. Curiosity also collected a sample from this region. Here is the video.