The all-time NFL record for the longest missed field goal return touchdown is now officially tied between San Diego Chargers' Antonio Cromartie and Jamal Agnew, who made his way into the top charts on Sunday. The record was of a 109-yard missed field goal return touchdown. Here are the top record holders in various touchdown categories:

Cordarrelle Patterson

Patterson, who has been nicknamed 'The Flash', was playing for the Minnesota Vikings in the 2013 season against the Green Bay Packers. Patterson, who is now 30 years old, sent the ball soaring through 109 yards securing a record in the longest kickoff return touchdown.

Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey, playing for the Los Angeles Rams made the longest punt return in NFL history when he ran 103 yards (94 m) for a touchdown in a game against the New Orleans Saints. The longest punt return touchdown was unusual as every single player on the field assumed the ball was going to bounce through the end zone after the punt.

However, Bailey saw that the ball never bounced out of the end zone and was still in play. He scooped the ball up, and returned it for a touchdown before anyone on the Saints realized what had happened.

Ed Reed

Ed Reed, while playing for the Baltimore Ravens set the NFL record for the longest interception return for a touchdown in a 36-7 win over the Eagles.

Reed broke his own NFL record in the process. He had previously returned an interception 106 yards for a touchdown during the 2004 season, meaning he is both first and second for this category in the record books.

Jacoby Jones

Jacoby Jones, playing for the Baltimore Ravens in the 2012 season, holds the record for the longest kickoff return in a Super Bowl. The record is considered to be the highlight of Jones' time with the Ravens as it is one of five kick-return touchdowns he had in his three-year run with the team.