Nidoran♂ is a Poison-type of Pokemon and was originally found in the Kanto region. It was introduced in the I Generation. Nidoran♂ is weak against Ground and Psychic-type Pokemon and strong against Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Poison, and Grass-type Pokemon.

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Nidoran♂ is a small, rabbit-based Pokemon with large ears, whiskers, and front teeth. They are covered with spines, primarily on their back, which can release potent poisons if Nidoran♂ is threatened. Nidoran♂ have a larger forehead horn than their female counterparts, Nidoran♀. He has darker spots all over his body. His large horns can secrete a powerful venom, unlike his female counterpart, the size of the horns is indicative of the strength of the venom. He also has unique muscles around his ears, which permit them to be moved in any direction.

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Nidoran♂ has a max Combat Power (CP) of 973 and evolves into Nidorino which costs 25 candy. The best moves of Nidoran♂ are Poison Sting and Sludge Bomb.

Nidoran♂ quick stats:

Base stats

Max CP: 973

Attack: 105

Defense: 76

HP: 130


Nidoran♂ is boosted by Cloudy weather. It is a strong Poison-type Pokemon.


Nidoran♂ is vulnerable to Ground and Psychic-type moves.

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Nidoran♂ evolves into Nidorino


Nidoran♂ best moves are Poison Sting and Sludge Bomb.