North Korea issued a warning to the United States saying that the chief executive made a big blunder by addressing the DPRK as a 'security risk' in his first address to Congress, AP reports. 

US President Joe Biden had called North Korea and Iran’s nuclear programs “serious threats” to American and world security and said he’ll work with allies to address those problems through diplomacy and stern deterrence.

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Addressing Biden's remarks towards North Korea, the Asian country's senior Foreign Ministry official said, “His (Joe Biden's) statement clearly reflects his intent to keep enforcing the hostile policy toward the DPRK as it had been done by the U.S. for over half a century,”

“It is certain that the U.S. chief executive made a big blunder in the light of the present-day viewpoint. Now that the keynote of the U.S. new DPRK policy has become clear, we will be compelled to press for corresponding measures, and with time the U.S. will find itself in a very grave situation,” he added as per AP reports.

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Any further details about the steps North Korea might take to put pressure on the Biden administration were not provided.

US National Security Adviser, Jake Sullivan,  had said that the United States aimed at solutions and at "ultimately achieving the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.”